What You Need in This Season – Just A Pair of Mou

BOOTS OF CLASS — MOU BOOTS. These are the type of boots that are purposely designed to be put on winter.


They are of great help to people who suffer from cold feet during the winter season. They are favorable for all genders and groups that is for the men, women and the children. They are the most comfortable shoes during this season as they are very warm. These shoes can cover up to the ankle while other boots can cover up to the knee.


The mou boots are slightly lower as compared to the women boots that are higher. For the women they also provide wedge shoes or a sneaker boot if the customer does not want a flat shoe. The style of designs available are the Eskimos and the sewed trim boots.

The mou eskimo range provide both warmth and functionality. Basically these type of shoes satisfy the needs and style of all people, they are quite fashionable. There are different colors that favor both women and men.


The colors include green, brown, white, nude, black and yellow. These boots are among the expensive type of shoes. The prices differ according to the design, sizes and the material used to make the boot. Every unique feature comes with different pricing. The shoes are made up of different materials. The rubber type of shoe is waterproof.


You can step on water without getting wet. This type of shoe can be worn by sport people as during this time it is icing. Their soles are perfectly fitted for those who like high heeled shoes and the flat shoes soles are also well designed. The shoe is manufactured using the skin, hides and fur that from the livestock animals most especially the sheep and the rabbits. The outer part is made of suede that is so easy to maintain.

The zips, buckles, laces add more style to the shoe. The different sizes range from 5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11 that is the US sizes.


The Italy sizes range from34, 25, 36,37,38,39 and 40.


This shows that most people can actually fit in these types of boots. Females are mostly known to put on these type of shoes. Men mostly use these type of shoes mostly during the sport activities.

The shoe protects one during the winter as it provides warmth. You can put on these boots during the snow based games and when mostly hunting or fishing. This is also a type of shoe that you can put on even during the summer season. It is very easy to maintain these boots as it requires just a wet wiper to keep off the dirt, very little solution is required.


You can also buy a suede depending on the color of the boot that brightens the boot and helps the color not to fade hence lasting longer and looking new. These shoes are mostly available in Brazil, Italy, US, China all the way to South Korea. You cannot move for a long distance in search of these shoes. Technology is of much help as one can also buy a pair online, where they are delivered to you at your doorstep.