People wear sneakers for different reasons

People wear sneakers for different reasons, although the design concept was more for athletes, sneakers have evolved to become style icons with a subculture that feeds into a multibillion-dollar industry. It is predicted that the sneaker industry will be worth over $200 billion by 2020.

 That is more than the GDP of some of the most developed countries! Sneakerheads, the people who inhabit this subculture are passionate, and they are dedicated to amassing sneakers for their collections the rarer the sneaker the better.

 Sneakerheads live and breathe sneakers; it’s the one thing that they will spend thousands of dollars on. If you are new to the game and want to kick your sneaker games up a notch on the collection side. There are some basic sneakers you should know about.


#1. Converse Chuck Taylor Hi—Top

Every sneakerhead has at some point donned a pair of Chuck Taylors. Converse has kept the design as it was back then in the 30s. They were amongst the first athletic shoes designed and manufactured in the 30s and 40s, and it would take a couple of decades for Converse to have serious competition in the athletic department. These days Chuck Taylors are worn by virtually anyone for reasons other than sport. The classic black white colorway goes well with virtually anything.

#2. Adidas Stan Smith

The Adidas Stan Smith was first manufactured in 1965, and it given to the French tennis player Robert Haillet, they were renamed after the U.S Tennis star, Stan Smith who went on to win the Wimbledon title and the U.S. Open. So, what is special about these shoes? It’s their simple design that makes these kicks stand out. The Stan Smiths with their white leather uppers, perforated 3 stripes and the splash of green etchings of the tennis star himself has become the best—selling sneakers that Adidas ever made.

#3. Adidas Originals SL80

The Adidas SL80 was released to commemorate and coincide with the 1980 Moscow Olympics. The coolest colorway is the navy gold but they are extremely hard to find. There are some serious sneakerheads who have parted with hundreds of thousands of dollars acquiring a pair, just to have it in their collection, probably never to be worn but simply to admire like one admires a great work of art.

#4. Nike Air Max 1

The Nike Air Max 1 sneakers were launched in 1987. They are the original red, grey, and white Air Nikes which focused on the midsole. The air unit midsole have become the most copied feature in sneaker design. The technology has even transcended from trainers to casual and dress shoes.

#5. Air Jordan 3

In the late eighties, Nike was facing a bleak future. There were many companies producing great trainer, even Michael Jordan was thinking of jumping ship until the Jordan 3s came out. The Air Jordan 3 incorporated some clever design and accents like the elephant print and the tongue branding.

The model cemented Michael Jordan’s association with the sportswear company. The iconic “Jump man” logo found on Jordans. It first appeared on the Adidas Jordan 3s and replacing the Nike Swish. They were hailed as the best basketball shoes to wear and transitioned well into everyday kicks.

#6. New Balance M1300JP

New Balance has always been consistent with the kind of shoes they create. New Balance trainers are known for simplicity and comfort. They are the quintessential running shoes. Manufactured in 1985, they were the first running shoe to break the $100 mark. Most New Balance collectors regard this model as the Holy Grail. New Balance has been re-releasing these every five years and the next limited edition is scheduled for release in 2020. 

#7. Nike Flyknit Trainer “MuIticoIor”

Nike wanted to create a great looking performance shoe and created the Flyknit Trainer. The flyknit trainer is a multicolored sneaker that gives athletes what they need, comfort, lightness without the addition of other unnecessary to the design of the shoe.

The multicolor colorway looks good when you are pounding the pavement, or if you want to work out in style. These are shoes that need to be worn at least once before you find a storage spot in your sneaker closet.

#8. Mita Sneakers x Reebok Classic Leather

Looking for a clean silhouette with a classic and timeless design, then The Mita Sneakers x Reebok Classic Leather are the right pair of sneaks for you. Reebok is a well—known athletic shoe brand, but the collaboration that created a shoe with all the comfort and decadence you can find in the materials, and used to create shoes (leather, suede, nubuck, mesh) has gone into making these sneakers. The collaboration with the Tokyo Sneaker store, Mita has resulted in an iconic sneaker that every enthusiast should own.


#9. Common Project Achilles Low

Common Project Achilles Low has been touted as the next evolution of the sneaker — at least for those enthusiasts who simply love the quality, style, and the minimalist design. They are great shoes to pair with casual and even formal clothes; they, however, were not designed for runners and athletes.#10. Yeezy Boost 350 V2

It feels sacrilegious not to mention the Yeezy’s. Love him or hate him, Kanye West has created this decade’s best sneakers. Kanye West’s Adidas signature sneakers have been a hot commodity. Every sneakerhead should own a pair of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 — if he or she can find them. These sneakers have been a highly coveted shoe since they were launched in 2015. They sell out quickly and have gained an almost cult—Like following. There you have it that ten of the best sneakers you need to step up your sneaker game. Most of these shoes aren’t easy to get but finding one pair to show off can be the beginning of great things.

Kids’ Snow Boots – Find the Best Winter Boots for Kids

Keeping your kiddos looking good is easy with the right kid’s boots. Yes, you can do that and we will let you know about some of the best winter boots for kids out there, and you will love what you will read.


These boots will keep your kids warm in winter, and that is truly important for you to achieve. This article will allow you to make a wiser decision when it comes to choosing the right winter boot for your kid, so you should read on to find out more about what we have in store for you.

1 – Mou Winter Snow Boot for Kids

The Mou Winter Snow Boot for Kids is the popular snowball boot that you have been seeking for your kiddos these days. And that is just part of the fun down the line too. The simplicity of the Mou Winter Snow Boot for Kids is truly awesome, and the item works very well.


2 – Bogs Kids’ Rain Boot

The Bogs Kids’ Rain Boot has the high-quality materials that you want to see in a boot. Your kids will be truly happy with the Bogs Kids’ Rain Boot because they will get a long-lasting item right away. The Bogs Kids’ Rain Boot is a waterproof product, and you will love this fact right away too.

3 – DREAM PAIRS Winter Snow Boots for Kids

The DREAM PAIRS Winter Snow Boots for Kids will allow you to keep your kiddos in style and warm, and that will make them more adorable than ever. You will love what the DREAM PAIRS Winter Snow Boots for Kids can do for kids, and that is just part of the package too.


4 – Kamik Weather Boot

The Kamik Weather Boot is truly easy to adjust, and your kiddo will do this in no time down the road. Keeping your kids dry and warm is easy with the Kamik Weather Boot by your side. The Kamik Weather Boot is truly a comfortable item that your kids will happen to love right off the bat.

5 – GUBARUN Boys Cold Weather Shoes

The GUBARUN Boys Cold Weather Shoes will keep your kiddos warm and happy in winter. Yes, the GUBARUN Boys Cold Weather Shoe can do that and then some, and you will adore what you will see. The GUBARUN Boys Cold Weather Shoe is a waterproof item that has the right fur lining.


Remember that these winter boots for kids are here to stay for a long time because they offer the high-quality performance parents need to get. The Northside Winter Snow Boot for Kid is truly awesome to keep your kids warm, and you will not have to spend an arm and a leg to put your hands on them.


The Bogs Kids’ Rain Boot will also give you the long-lasting performance that you want to get, and your kids will truly love what they will get. Getting the right winter boot for your kids is not hard because you just have to go over this article.


BOOTS OF CLASS — MOU BOOTS. These are the type of boots that are purposely designed to be put on winter.


They are great to help people that suffer from cold feet during the winter season. They are favorable for all genders and groups that is for the men, women and the children. They are the most comfortable shoes during this season as they are very warm. These shoes can cover up with the ankle while other boots can cover up with the knee.


The mou boots are slightly lower as compared to the women boots that are higher. For the women, they also provide wedge shoes or a sneaker boot if the customer does not want a flat shoe. The style of designs available is the Eskimos and the sewed trim boots.

The mou eskimo range provides both warmth and functionality. Basically, these type of shoes satisfy the needs and style of all people, they are quite fashionable. There are different colors that favor both women and men.


The colors include green, brown, white, nude, black and yellow. These boots are among the expensive type of shoes. The prices differ according to the design, sizes and the material used to make the boot. Every unique feature comes with different pricing. The shoes are made up of different materials. The rubber type of shoe is waterproof.


You can step on water without getting wet. This type of shoe can be worn by sports people. As during this time, it is icing. Their soles are perfectly fitted for those who like high heeled shoes and the flat shoes soles, they are also well designed.


The shoe is manufactured using the skin, hides and fur that from the livestock animals most especially the sheep and the rabbits. The outer part is made of suede that is so easy to maintain.

The zips, buckles, laces add more style to the shoe. The different sizes range from 5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11 that is the US sizes.The Italy sizes range from34, 25, 36,37,38,39 and 40.


This shows that most people can actually fit in these types of boots. Females are mostly known to put on these type of shoes. Men mostly use these type of shoes mostly during the sports activities.


The shoe protects one during the winter as it provides warmth. You can put on these boots during the snow based games and when mostly hunting or fishing.


This is also a type of shoe that you can put on even during the summer season. It is very easy to maintain these boots as it requires just a wet wiper to keep off the dirt, a very little solution is required.

You can also buy a suede depending on the color of the boot that brightens the boot and helps the color not to fade, and hence lasting longer and looking new. These shoes are mostly available in Brazil, Italy, US, China all the way to South Korea.


You don’t need move for a long distance in search of these shoes. Technology is much help as one can buy a pair online, where they are delivered to you at your doorstep.


Autumn Winter Fashion Trends for 2018 – MOU BOOTS

Some interesting fashion designs have been developed and several trends have also cropped up.


Furthermore, other fashion designs and trends from previous years have also been retained. Winter fashion has been on the rise but has been slow as compared to other seasons. In the year 2017 designers have made a variety of styles suitable for the ambiguous weather.


Moreover, social media has also assisted in the identification of the trends that were on the say over the fall of winter. Several styles have been talked about on Facebook and their samples Instagrammed too. In this article, we are going to look into several trendy fashion designs in different categories of clothes for the year 2017.


Shoe Designs

Mou boots are essential as the winter falls and in 2017 several designers came up different styles for this. Saint Lauren came up with shimmery mou eskimo boots that have been a sensation on Instagram. The boots have been the crowned the most Instagram design for the year. The shoes have been made of gold and silver to facilitate their glittery traits.


Another shoe design that has cropped up over the fall of winter is the buckled shoe design. This was initially a 1960’s design. The 2017 style has been modernized by the addition of several features. Furthermore, minimization of buckles was characterized. The use of snakeskin and calf hide also was what these boots trend.


Finally, in the shoe categories, we have sock boots that fit like gloves on your feet. The Mou Eskimo show ladies curves adequately.

Coats Designs

On the coats category, the most used style by designers is the making of long coats. They can use to fit both business and daily purposes. Classical models of these coats are suitable for tall ladies. Moreover, designers have inserted a belt at the waist to help in showing proportions.


There are also several models of the design of the long coat. Some of them are monophonic, others have short sleeves, some with volumetric sleeves, over-sized shoulder lines a theme borrowed from the 80’s, herring-boned coats whereas others are made with different floral patterns and colors.


Another style that was trendy when it comes to coats is the use of short coats. They are casual jackets that people love so much. They have a narrow bottom and are designed with different color patterns.

General Clothing

The use of over-sized clothing was also witnessed. This was a trend from the last year fashion designs. There were several arrays of clothes that were brought in over-sized like pants and coats. Stella McCartney and Celine are houses that brought in over-sized clothing.

Masculinity Aspect

Finally, there has been a lot of masculinity usage in the fashion world. Designers like Ralph Lauren have been coming with ideas and styles that put the male aspects to female clothing.


In 2017 this trend was represented by the production of clothing with the shirt and tie looks. Moreover, Ralph Lauren also came up with checked blazers that fit comfortably with a pair of pants. They were an ensemble with a shirt and tie.


Since winter is a cold season fashionistas need clothes that will warm them up as well as keep them fashionable. They need to look their best as they go about with their day to day lifestyles. This year there was a combination of all aspects elegance, taste, and modernization was at its peak.